Julie's gentle directions and spare magical touch allowed me to find my core balance and coordination.  All my movements are smoother and safer now!

Mitch Stahl, 75 years old, from Boulder, CO


Julie is a most sensitive and informed teacher. Her priority is to provoke internal transformations in her students and the plethora of skills that she brings to a teaching moment is truly astonishing. Yet, she navigates these skill with transparency for the student, with the grace and subtlety of a skilled artist and pedagogue.  In my experiences, Ms. Rothschild's classes have been deeply, deeply rewarding. 

Rebecca Gose Enghauser from Athens, GA


Julie’s understanding of the application of the Alexander Technique and the kinetics of movement to everyday life is phenomenal.  No matter what your needs are, whether it is carrying a baby while you do chores, a professional dancer, a martial artist, or an athlete, she can teach you how to move naturally, and neutrally.  In our first lesson, I learned that by moving my head a centimeter I could release tensions in my neck and upper back, and that, was just the beginning.  I have been practicing martial arts for 20 years and with Julie’s guidance I am going to a whole new level. She has changed my life, and for that, I am very thankful.

– Mike P. from Denver, CO (“If you don’t see Julie, you are dumber than a box of hammers.”)


What a wonderful gift Julie and Zap are giving with this workshop. So spacious, invigorating, and affirming. Julie and Zap, you allowed us to ask for what we wanted, and guided us gently toward what we really needed. I feel replenished and inspired – upon returning home, I feel full and grateful and ready to go outside and make dances.
Now to commit to that! Please check in with me next week to make sure I haven’t lost sight of this! (just because i have to fix the dryer and cook dinner and go to work and pick up my kids …. I might need to be reminded)
But I noticed yesterday, on my journey home, a growing excitement inside to gather all of my creative friends together and dive in to this practice. And happily, I feel that there are a lot of people around me willing to go there with me. We just need a little push. But what I wanted to say is that the workshop left me feeling the opposite of scarcity, and confident that I can make art, in big and small ways, from right here.
Thank you again, with all my heart. It was SO good.

– Azriel Lamarca, Nevada City, CA on The Practice of Making, a dance making workshop with Julie and Zap McConnell


I highly recommend Julie Rothschild for anyone seeking pain relief using the Alexander Technique. I’ve found Julie to have an in depth knowledge of AT and a unique ability to communicate the concepts of this method to me. She is very dedicated to her work and has shown wonderful patience in both explaining what she is doing at all steps in the process and answering my many questions. With her skill and expertise we have been able to effect significant changes in my posture in a very short period of time. She has clearly demonstrated one of, to me, the truly amazing aspects of AT; i.e. the effort is in the thinking not in the doing. I have tried for many years to bring about these changes and Julie has shown me how easy it really is. Julie knows – all I had to do was trust her!.

—Dr. Dave Baker, Boulder, CO



Julie has helped me re-design the way I carry myself on a day to day basis, as an artist, dancer and mother. We’ve been meeting on-line since mid November to address numbness in my body. Since then I’ve gathered exercises and tools that I can access at any time, to help strengthen the integrity of my posture, actions and decisions. As a witness, Julie shares what she sees of me, helping re-direct something that may not be serving OR encouraging me to nurture the strength that does exist. Working with Julie has helped me gain more personal power and to not abandon myself when I move towards the demands of life…By having an awareness of the internal structures of my flesh and bones, in collaboration with all the space that exists around me, I can always feel supported, widen my wing span and see with my whole self. I’ve learned its ok to feel like a wolf mama as I need to pin my toddler down. Its ok to laugh when balancing on one foot and its ok to slow it down…Its ok to let it go….The tension release and practice of non-doing, has given me confidence to say no to surgery and to have faith this dance is only going to get better.

-Andrea Trombetta from Athens, GA


I am writing because I was in your Modern Dance class for a semester at UGA and the experience changed my fundamental constitution. I never was able to tell you how much of an impact your class had on me and I wanted to say thank you. I am also curious if you have any of your teachings online? I often wish I could go back and repeat your class for one day, so that I could take special care to remember all the warm ups and stretches and morsels of Alexander Technique that you bestowed upon us.

—Kelli McConnell from Athens, GA


I experienced increasing back pain. Once it attained a strength that I could no longer ignore, even with a strong sense of denial, I started looking into movement/exercise methods for treating back pain. Luckily, I connected with Julie early on in my search. Private Alexander Technique lessons with her were extremely beneficial to me.  With her help in identifying unhealthy movement habits and her suggestions of alternatives, I was able to learn a comfortable way to be in my body.  SInce my lessons with her, I have learned that I have a "severely degenerated disc." This is not going to change.  I am very thankful that the Alexander Technique and Julie's insightful eye were able to give me a tool to live pain free!

Michelle Considine from Boulder, CO