The Practice of Making: Dance Making, Improvisation, Performance, Collaboration, Possibilities. Two to Five day workshops with Zap McConnell and Julie Rothschild.

We offer you our shared and individual approaches to making work. This dance intensive provides space and time to discover/uncover/rediscover the bare essentials of what you need to make work that matters to you, make work no matter what. We practice and we practice and we practice. 

Zap and Julie have been in an ongoing artistic dialogue for nearly 20 years, beginning with the zen monkey project in Charlottesville, VA, continuing in Athens and Atlanta, GA, at Performática in Cholula, Mexico, and as members of Chicken Bank Collective. We love working together because of how our minds expand as we collaborate, how we make things happen together that we could simply not make on our own. We challenge and support each other to make work no matter what.

"What a wonderful gift Julie and Zap are giving with this workshop. So spacious, invigorating, and affirming. Julie and Zap, you allowed us to ask for what we wanted, and guided us gently toward what we really needed. I feel replenished and inspired – upon returning home, I feel full and grateful and ready to go outside and make dances.Now to commit to that! Please check in with me next week to make sure I haven’t lost sight of this! (just because i have to fix the dryer and cook dinner and go to work and pick up my kids …. I might need to be reminded). But I noticed yesterday, on my journey home, a growing excitement inside to gather all of my creative friends together and dive in to this practice. And happily, I feel that there are a lot of people around me willing to go there with me. We just need a little push. But what I wanted to say is that the workshop left me feeling the opposite of scarcity, and confident that I can make art, in big and small ways, from right here.
Thank you again, with all my heart. It was SO good." - Azriel Lamarca, Nevada City, CA

Zap and Julie would love to bring The Practice of Making to your community, school or studio. Please contact us at to inquire.