Circuit Training. Painting. And the Task at Hand.

TUESDAY. I am game to try most movement forms, fitness trends, exercise routines. And I like a lot of them. This morning, I joined my pal, Elke, at MECHA for a HIIT Circuit class. 45 minutes. 6 stations. 3 reps of 40 seconds per station, which rocked - especially since I was toast after 1 rep. I walked out delirious and happy. For 45 minutes, my mind didn't wander or problem solve - I could only attend to the task at hand. I wouldn't say that I'm an immediate die-hard fan, but I'm going back on Thursday.

FRIDAY. I painted a bedroom. What a simple, straightforward thing to do. Not actually that simple. But clear. Move everything off of and away from the walls. Get rid of dust and debris. Tape all edges. Cover and protect floor. Have only what is necessary in the room. Music. Go. And go until the task is finished. Make those extra trips to town for the essentials you've run out of or forgotten. It was a small room so this only took a day. 

SUNDAY. Sort art supplies. I am now doing some painting to experiment with movement that creates something tangible. Painting with acrylics on a flat canvas. Drawing a grid to give me a recognizable structure. Tracing circles and arcs - more recognizable structures. This is not dance making but it might lead to something. My dance body/mind has been running on near empty - not totally. Still puttering along but not in a very enticing way. And so painting on flat canvases to see what happens when my abstract notions come out in the form of lines and color. Some formal and near empty. Others really messy. I suppose this is part therapy, part creative process, part not-knowing and not-caring. My intention is to practice making without concern for precision or performance. No one needs to look at these (only look below if you feel totally compelled). And I will likely paint over all of them multiple times. Ok - I guess it's a little like my approach to choreography. 


I've been looking back at some dance videos I made while in Germany. When improvising in front of the camera - I was fully aware that I was making something that I might share. I attended to the craft of composition and to my desire for subtle precision in my movement choices. Making dances has been all encompassing for so many years. Now, I drift in and out and actually want to be doing something else. Hike in the woods, for instance. This is scary and kind of messing with my sense of who I am. 

What of all this? How about, just do one thing that requires all of your attention. Obviously, don't lose sight of your environment - fully engage with your environment while attending to the task at hand.

I am a really mediocre visual artist - pretty bad actually. But I am thoroughly enjoying getting paint all over my hands. Just as I recently loved carving a wood spoon and scrubbing the skins off of pumpkin seeds to prep them to make little animal figures. Use your hands to make something - bread, curtains, a bag, a card for a friend. Move your body for fun, for your health. Do that one thing. 

In conclusion (for today), I don't multitask with the success I used to  - and so I am trying to quit that habit. Feels alright so far.