The Bones of a Morning Solo

Fidgety beyond capacity lately. Mostly at night. Restless leg syndrome? Restless self syndrome? Tried to go to a fitness class this morning. Parked in an unmarked no parking zone - was corrected in time. The class I wanted doesn't happen on Tuesdays. Oh. I wandered into Whole Foods, thinking "I need to get back on fish oil." Too many options and fancy apples. I sit down and my hands can't stop tapping. Time to make a dance. Here are the bones of this morning's solo. Stemming from internal agitation and stirrings. I wouldn't mind if someone else would take these bones and make them into something stage worthy. 


in 2011, my legs worked differently than they do today, October 23, 2017. I remember how they felt. Now, reconciling with steady change.