JUNE 1, 2019 

Dancing In The Present Tense . A Women’s Workshop 

Dance . Write . Walk . Wonder . Question . Share  . Your Quiet . Your Wild . You

Pre-existing conditions welcome here.

 To my body’s way of thinking, warming the physical opens the mental, the spiritual, the psyche. All together. Move and ruminate on what is your now. Who defines your truth in any given moment? How do you unravel? Let’s discover, in the present tense.

 And I know, tense, interesting choice of word. I am tense most of the time – to varying degrees.

 Why this and why now.

When she asked me, after a yoga class: Excuse me, were you a dancer? I felt the familiar – oh, it must be how I move or balance on one leg. And the increasingly familiar suggestion – dancers are younger than you.

Dancers are also older than me.


Dancing in the Present Tense is about owning my commitment to put one foot in front of, or behind, over, under and at a variety of angles, to the other. It is also about diving into a physical training that makes sense at this moment and not giving in to anyone else’s notion of what I am and am not capable of. I get to determine that. And I get to seek help. So, this work is personal. It is also what I wish to share.

Bring your inquisitive and stubborn and open-hearted selves into the studio. Let’s listen to the words we apply to our conditions. Let’s wonder if they are part of an old story or if they ring more true than ever.  Let’s explore how these words become beliefs that we might need to peel away. This is a dance workshop for women who resonate with what I’m talking about.

Be you a dancer, a writer, a daughter, an artist of any variety. Introduce us to your dance and to your present tense.

10am-12pm (9am-1pm) $50 FloorSpace Studio in Boulder, CO

We will

10-10:15am gather, welcome, introduction

10:15-11am movement meditation and exploration

11-11:30am writing and sharing

11:30-11:50am moving with our present tense stories

11:50am-12pm closing

Participants may arrive as early as 9am and stay as long as 1pm, for quiet studio time to arrive and reflect. 

photos by True Mama Collective, LLC

photos by True Mama Collective, LLC

Julie Rothschild. Dancer, Choreographer, Alexander Technique Teacher and Movement Educator. Currently dances and creates with Chicken Bank Collective. Owns FloorSpace Studio. Co-Curates CLOSE LOOK with Meg Madorin. Makes little dance films to both remember and share her ideas. Ever a curious student of movement forms and philosophies. Mother of boys. Grew up coast to coast as well as on a berry farm in Ohio. Still loves fresh raspberries more than any other food.

 To Register, contact Julie Rothschild jerothschild@gmail.com 706.372.4830