Julie Rothschild

Independent Dance Artist and Movement Educator, Choreographer and Director, Alexander Technique Teacher, Nordic Ski Instructor and Mother of Boys. I live in Boulder, Colorado and share my love of movement through dance making, performance, film and teaching throughout the world, in person and online.

Dance has been a determined and consistent thread in my life.  There were a few tutus and sequins early on in our Northern California years.  Then a new found love of launching into the air in Cindy Carmazzi's ballet classes in Urbana, Ohio.  A well-timed intersection with Modern Dance in Hudson, Ohio with Emilie Bromley during the teen years.  Improvisation and Composition at Colorado College with Peggy Berg.  Teaching summer campers dance on tennis courts.  Returning to my high school to teach and make a wild and slightly messy dance about the desert. An attempt at getting an MFA at Ohio State. One year later moving to Lawrence, KS where I met the astounding Candi Baker, who not only hired me but gave me so much room to experiment with making, performing, collaborating and teaching - my Lawrence Arts Center years easily gave me the skills and hutzpah to walk into any situation and see the potential for dance to happen.  Onto Charlottesville, VA where I met a crew of soulmates in the Zen Monkey Project/New Dance Space, plus Live Arts and Miki Liszt.  One son was born, then another. Somewhere in there was a year at the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange where I met and worked with incredible artists, in particular - Celeste Miller with whom I still share dances.  In Athens, GA there was teaching, lots of teaching and a whole lot of work - Warehouse Collective, UGA, Emory, FloorspaceAthens, Canopy Studio, The Handful Series, Zen Monkey Project Intensives. For three of those nine years, I travelled back and forth to train as an Alexander Technique Teacher at CBAS in Greensboro, NC.  The myriad of mentors I had in that time, with Robin Gilmore and Marsha Paludan at the helm, shared their breadth of knowledge with such creativity and generosity. And then Boulder, where I now have a creative home in FloorSpaceStudio, a space that I get to share with some of Boulder's finest movement artists and educators.  Helping me make it all make sense are my creative collaborators in Chicken Bank Collective, the incredible artists I meet each year at Performática, a through line of dancers I've met along the way, my teaching partner Zap McConnell and the dancers contributing to MAPS, making and performing solos anew, an online group solo and choreography exchange project.   

Recent Projects:

Practice of Making, a collaboration and dance making workshop co-taught with Zap McConnell. Boulder, CO, Charlottesville, VA and Cholula, Puebla, MX.  2014-2015.

Clock Time, solo made in collaboration with composer Heather McIntosh. Performed at FloorSpaceStudio, Boulder, CO January 2016.

MAPS for 100 Dancers, 2015, a year long online solo choreography project with participants from around the world. Performances took place at BMoCA, Boulder, CO; Skwhirlhaus, Atlanta, GA and Bloom Community Space, Athens, GA.

ANIMAL I, an epic tail, made in collaboration with John Gibson and Zap McConnell with original sound scored and performed live by Heather McIntosh. Premiered at Skwhirlhaus in Atlanta, GA September 2013.

ANIMAL II,  the tail continued, made in collaboration with Zap McConnell, original sound scored and performed live by Arcadio M. Lanz. Premiered at Universidad de las Américas Puebla in April 2014. 

Ode, 2010 at Colorado College Summer Dance Festival and I.F.O.N.L.Y international dance festival in Birr, Ireland. 2011 at University of Colorado, Boulder.



Current Creative Projects:

MAPS anew, an online group solo and choreography exchange project. 

DUST, a new work in progress, based in Munich, Germany. Made possible in part by Tanztendenz Artists in Residence Program.

Chicken Bank Collective, a group of women committed to creating, collaborating and sharing our art with each others' communities through performance, film and community service. We are Dancers, Teachers, Choreographers, Musicians, Visual Artists and Filmmakers, coming together from México and the United States. Our mission is to weave communities across borders through the art of movement.

FloorSpaceStudio, my homebase, is a simple space in which to dance, to move, to play, to rest, to be.